We connect those in need with those who want to give…
and restaurants who are ready to serve both.

During this time, we want to support firstline heroes — simply by providing a free meal. Firstline donations feed police, firefighters, emergency responders and healthcare professionals. Below, tell us who you are and how you want to donate, receive or serve a meal.
I want to donate
I need support
I can feed our heroes
We do our best to verify that participants are genuine. But we can’t guarantee it. Please take the time to verify your Firstline connection before committing.


it works

We DON’T handle transactionS. that’s entirely your business. We simply connect GENEROUS DONORS WITH groups IN NEED.

  1. First sign up and confirm your email (so we know you’re not a robot).
  2. Browse listings of heroes in need. Once you find a group that fits, click on one of their restaurant selections, and you will be taken to the restaurant’s website to purchase a gift card. If there is no listed food preference, you can select from one of our participating restaurants or invite new restaurants to join.
  3. Purchase an electronic gift card via the restaurant’s site. Then send it to the contact email of the Firstline group you’re donating to.
  4. After you successfully connect and serve a Firstline group, please comment on our site or share on social media. Tag it with #FeedTheFirstline so that everyone recognizes your generous efforts.

Thank you to all of our heroes for keeping us safe and healthy!