Project Description

Drumwright Dental

April 23, 2020


Everyone has been laid off since the end of March. Many employees are struggling to provide for their families, especially the hourly ones. (approx 35 employees)
We are ready to get back to work serving our community beginning May 1.

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Restaurant of Choice: Joseph’s in Drumwright or Naifeh’s in Cushing for meals or cookies from Joseph’s

Preferred dates: May 1, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Purchase Gift Card

Remember, to purchase a meal for the group above, please call or purchase a gift card from the restaurant, and send to the Firstline group’s contact email above.

Be sure to come back and comment or post on social media with #feedthefirstline so that everyone can recognize your effort! Thank you to all of our Firstline heroes for keeping us safe and healthy!